Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Blue Bash

Over the weekend, Parker, Alex and I attended the Big Blue Bash -- a big old BYU fan fest in Salt Lake. The highlight of the night for Parker and Alex was their two seconds of face time with Max Hall, the BYU quarterback and wide receiver Austin Collie. I snapped some quick pictures before the powers-that-be at the Cougar Club whisked us out of the way so that other fans could have their chance to greet the players. My favorite part was the refreshment table...yummy vegetables and dip and little cheese cubes. Yum. The pink lemonade wasn't bad, either. Too bad they didn't have my favorite BYU catering treat -- toothpaste brownies -- those yummy brownies with the green frosting underneath a layer of chocolate frosting. I may have to drive to Provo if I want some of those.

Max Hall, Parker and Alex

Parker, Austin Collie and Alex

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7EVANS said...

Spencer and Riley are sooo jealous!!!