Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3 and Thing 4

All of my kids have been busy in their assorted activities and my blog posts have been rather infrequent lately. It seems like May goes by in a blur, and I find myself alternately sweating and freezing (depending on the day) at Parker's track meets, feeling rather cultured as I sit in a darkened auditorium at Mallory's dance rehearsals and recitals and experiencing along with Alex the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat at Mueller Park Minor League Baseball. And not to leave Nate out...each Wednesday I find myself stalking my e-mail account awaiting the latest word from the Canada Edmonton Mission.

Sometimes I wonder how I could possibly be at this point in my life....with a son on a mission, a son in high school, my daughter about to complete elementary school and my BABY!!!!! 9 years old and so independent and way too heavy for me to physically carry anymore. (In fact, the other day Alex came up behind me and kind of jumped up on my back and almost pulled me over backwards. I think he weighs almost as much as me...(Well, I'd like to think that anyway!!!)

Here are a few recent photos of Things 1-4...what we like to call our children (a la those mischievous but loveable creatures in Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat)

Nate sent home his camera's memory card a while back. These pictures were taken over the past few months.

Here's Nate with Eddie the Squirrel in Edson, Canada. I had read about Edson online when he got transferred there, and the website include a shot of Eddie. I told Nate he must get a photo with Eddie. Nothing like a giant squirrel statue to make your day!

I love this picture....although Nate does look very cold! Check out the sign behind him. I'm sure Evansburg is a wonderful place!!

And here's Elder Evans decked out for the cold weather!

Parker is eyeing the finish line at the JV Region Track Meet, where he ended up taking first in the 1-mile and 2-mile runs. Yay!

Approaching the finish line in the mile. I missed the shots of him collapsing on the ground after he finished. It was pretty exciting, though!

Next, we have Mallory all decked out for her dance recital.
Here she is at dress rehearsal. They don't let you take pictures at the actual recital...Well, actually they TELL people not to...but there are still those obnoxious few doing flash photography during the performance. Some people!

Mallory looks so grown up wearing her stage makeup! Sniff..Sniff...

Mallory with her cousins Corinne and Katelyn after the recital. Great job girls!!

And last, but certainly not least, here's Alex at one of his recent baseball games.

Sliding into home! Yay!!!

Enjoying the game from the dugout.

Just two more weeks of school...I can hardly believe it! This year has flown by.


Sharon said...

Wow! Such a busy family!

Shanna Jones said...

I LOVE that last shot!

Janae said...

Ohh I love them all. That one of the track in Parkers sunglasses is great and that last one of Alex too. What fun kids you have!

Angela2932 said...

Isn't it tough to see such a young guy far away from home, taking on grown-up tasks? And it was not an easy winter in the northern lands this year! When does he come home? Your children seem well invested in life!

Cindi Koceich said...

The photo with the sunglasses is perfection and that last shot is soooo cute!!!
Love them all!

S.Kremer said...

Wow-y are you guys busy! Great shot btw:)
Shawna (shawkrem)

Stephanie said...

Great photos! You guys look VERY busy! I just love the portrait of your daughter in her costume. I hope my dd stays in dance for a while!

7EVANS said...

I love this update! I haven't updated my blog all month either ... I think I will do it like this! LOVE the pic of Parker, with the track in his sun glasses ... and Mallory ...Gorgeous! ... and I LOVE the one of Alex on the bench! is that with your 70-200? Still holding out for that one!
See you this summer!

Bobbi said...

Your children are all doing so many amazing wonderful things, I love it! You must be one proud mommy, these shots are so great.

Jess said...

You ARE a busy bunch! This school year really HAS flown by, huh? It feels like they just started. Great shots of your kids' activities, I really enjoyed this post! :)

Reds said...

You have a beautiful family Margaret!

Nicki, said...

holy cow - how do you do it? I have only Thing 1 and Thing 2 and I have a hard time keeping up. Great captures!

shirley said...

What great captures! I'm tired just thinking about all of your kiddos activities!

Beth said...

Your family is very active! Great photos of your children:)