Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two New Feet

Here's another favorite from Olivia's first photo shoot.

My niece Patricia (Olivia's mom) has a beautiful necklace that says, "Our family just grew by two feet."

We thought it would make a great photo to put the necklace on Olivia's foot.

I love the result. This is one of the shots I used to make Olivia's birth announcement.

Nothing cuter than tiny baby toes!



Krystle said...

Awww that is just precious!!!

Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

No kidding there is nothing cuter than newborn baby feet. What a cool necklace.

Reds said...

That is one adorable shot!! Love it!

Joanne said...

Awwww so adorable!

pat said...

Great shot! Love that necklace..and those baby toes.

Beth said...

I love baby feet! They are so kissable :)

Angela2932 said...

How perfect! I love baby feet shots, and your DOF and the little necklace is too adorable for words!

Thank you for your kindness and compassion on my blog:(
Even when you know it's coming, it's shocking how much the wind can be knocked out of you by losing a sweet dog like Bonnie. I know it really was time for her to go. . . .

Lis said...

it!!! :D