Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lindsay Family

I have a lot of sessions from the last little while that I need to post.

I'll start with the Lindsay family.

We've lived next-door to them for more than 10 years now. Our kids have grown up together and somehow over the years, the fence separating our yards has begun falling down, piece by piece. I'm sure the kids don't have anything to do with that. :)

The Lindsay gang was all together for the first time in two years. Lance just got home from his LDS mission in Boston. Then, just a few weeks later, Kyle left for his mission in the Philippines.



Janae said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those fishy shots. And that girl? LOVE her hair!!! You do such a great job, they all have a twinkle in their eyes.

Tracy said...

These look great Margaret!

Reds said...

What a beautiful family - and what fun shots!! They will love these!

Suzy said...

These are beautiful! Beautiful light, beautiful family, great posing. Love them all!

KRISTIE said...

Great shots! How nice (and lucky) that the family was able to all be together for a few weeks in between missions!
I love the fisheye one---so fun!

Samantha said...

What a lovely family! You did a great job of capturing their personalities. Glad you could get them all together while they were all under one roof. and yes... that HAIR!