Monday, October 4, 2010

Houghtons and Hills -- Take 2

Back in August I met up with my aunt, uncle and cousins for a family photo shoot. The weather ended up being terrible -- winds, torrential rains, huge hailstones, forcing us to cut the session short.

Last week, some of us got together to try again.

It was much better weather and we got some fun shots!



Mallory said...

Those are lovely! :D

pookiepea said...

What fun family photos, I'm sure they will love them.

Esther said...

What a beautiful family you have! I love those little pink cowboy boots too! :)

Angela2932 said...

What a happy-looking family! Very nice compositions and they seemed very relaxed with the whole process!

Reds said...

Glad the weather cooperated! What a beautiful family!

Nicki said...

I'm cracking up at some of the 'forced' smiles. Love the pink boots and tutu.

Wanted so bad to get a 'jump dance' shot -- even showed the kids your header as inspiration. Till everyone showed it - it was dark and I must again bow down to your dance photo skills. (deep bowing)