Friday, January 21, 2011

Parker at the BYU Indoor Track Invitational

Here are some shots from the 2011 BYU Indoor Track Invitational last Saturday.
Parker was coming off a recent hip injury, so he was very nervous about how he would do. I was nervous he was going to re-injure himself. But he did fine and remains injury free. He ran in the 2-mile and 1-mile races.
It's really hard to get good shots at this venue because you can only see the runners for brief seconds as they run past.
But here are a few.

Tightening the spikes

The check-in table
 Tying the shoes. :)
 Coach Wiley....yay!!!
 Parker's fans!!
 Parker and his nervous face
 Parker and his intense face
Run, run, run
 Parker and his Breathe Right strip. :)


Samantha said...

Considering the challenges, you got some great shots there! Congrats to Parker, and I'm glad his hip is OK!

Nicki said...

I kept thinking I saw a Breath-Right strip on him. I am glad he is back to running and didn't re-injure himself in the process (I would imagine that would make you run-shy so to speak!).

HLIP said...

I can't focus on moving targets. I need to start going to sports events and just practice.

Leilani said...

Great post! I agree with HLIP - I need to practice on moving subjects!

Janae said...

I can't focus on moving objects either. They end up blurry, and then I tell everyone I was going for that artistic blurry look. Great job!