Thursday, February 10, 2011

Olympic Oval in Black and White

One more post from the Olympic Oval. Parker has participated in two track meets there recently.

This time he ran the 800-meter and got his personal record. He ran it in 2:04. That's minutes.. :)

He also did the 2-mile. I can't remember his time. He wasn't as excited about that one because it wasn't a personal record. But he still did great, according to me, his mom.

I decided to post these shots in black and white. I like the documentary feel they have.

Yes, my dream would be to be a world-famous photojournalist, but I'll have to settle for documenting high school track meets for now. That's not such a bad gig either. :)


annabelle g said...

I like them in b&w too for the same reason. My fav is the first shot, the emotion of it and the comp :)

Yolanda said...

Great photos. My fav is the first one also, although I love the determined looks you captured in all of them.

Reds said...

Love your sports shots Marg! And love your b&ws!

pat said...

Really like the BW for these, Margaret. It focuses all the attention on their faces and the determination and effort stamped there. Nice action captures!!!

Suzy said...

Fantastic action shots! Crisp and clear and perfect!