Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brooke + Sean {Engagements} Utah State Capitol

Exciting news!
My nephew Sean is getting married.
More exciting news!
I get to be the photographer!!

Sean, his fiancee Brooke and I met at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City to do some of their engagement shots.
We got together another day for some outdoor shots, too. That was a little trickier because of our crazy snowy, rainy, windy Utah spring. But we finally did it.

For today...the indoor shots. Outdoor shots coming soon.



The Hiller Family said...

I just love the last one!!! Oh man... I wish you would have been my engagement photographer too!!

Maybe one day Josh and I will get some taken with you... just like we were engaged again!!! AND family pictures!!! he he he

Tracy said...

Beautiful! Love the last one! Are there rules about shooting at the capitol?

Kate said...

I love the last one so much!!!!! It's gorgeous. And I agree with Heidi, I want you to retake our "engagement pictures".

Margaret said...

Kate and Heidi -- it would be a blast do retake both of your engagement pictures. It could be a great anniversary gift because of course your husbands would love it! The guys always LOVE having their pictures taken.

Thanks for your nice comments!!

Tricia and Jon said...

Love the pictures! They are such a cute couple. Can't wait to meet Brooke :)

Maria said...

What a nice looking couple! Congratulations to them on their engagement and to you on getting to photograph this happy pair!

Reds said...

Love love love these!! Will have to get engaged to have you shoot our engagement photos! :)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Very pretty! Great location and I love that last one!