Thursday, June 23, 2011

Luke and Katie {Engagements -- Part 1}

My little brother Luke is getting married! We took a road trip to Idaho Falls recently for an engagement shoot. It was lots of fun spending time with Luke and his cute fiancee Katie. 

Oh and just in case you need a tutorial on the workings of my family, here's how it goes. My dad has children from two different marriages. My sister Jan, brother Lance and I are from what we call the first litter. Later, my dad married Janee, who is mom to Cash, Luke, Carson and Faith. Those four are the second litter. It's a little confusing to outsiders who sometimes can't figure out how my kids have uncles and an aunt nearly their same age. But, hey, we're all one big happy family and it works for us. :)

Anyway, here is Part 1 of some of my favorites from Luke and Katie's engagement shoot.



pat said...

Litters....that is so funny! Families come in all sizes and definitions. Love that second to last shot...and her fierce pair of heels! Wowza!!

Amanda said...

I agree with Pat, that second to last shot is great! The connection between the two is wonderful...they just ooze love :)

Reds said...

What a sweet little couple!! Love her shoes!! And I agree with both Pat and Amanda love that second to last shot!

Yolanda said...

Ok-- I love those shoes!!!!!! Great captures once again!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Congrats! And funny on the litters! I like the one on the street the best!