Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chicago Part 2

More from our fun Chicago trip. Derek and I headed to the city a second time while Nate was at work. I promise my next pictures will include him when he was able to tour around with us on his day off.

We walked and walked and walked. The Riverwalk. The Magnificent Mile. We walked it all. We ate Chicago-style hot dogs by the river. We walked some more.

We walked over to Lake that is one big lake! They weren't kidding when they named it a Great Lake. We saw some jets practicing for the upcoming air and water show. Very impressive.

 It was a good day. My feet were tired. Lots of walking. My blistered feet screamed in pain by the end of the day. But it was a fun day, blisters and all.


pat said...

Ahhhh, Lake Michigan....LOVE that lake! I grew up on the west coast of Michigan, and it was nearly 70 miles across the lake to Wisconsin. Don't you love the "sugar sand" beaches?? Did you go see "Mary Poppins"?

Suzy said...

Very cool captures. Is that a giant merilyn statue? lol, what neat new things to see!

Reds said...

You make me want to visit Chicago!! Great captures of the city! Love the Marilyn statue!