Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Dress {Aprill Says Yes}

Aprill's mom was in town over Thanksgiving, so after Nate proposed, (refer to previous post if you missed the big news!) Aprill was able to go dress shopping before her mom went back to Arizona.

And lucky me! I got invited along!

I was excited, not only to see Aprill choose a dress, but to take pictures, of course!

The owners at the first bridal shop were fine with photography. Others didn't allow pictures, but luckily I snapped a bunch at the first store. 

Aprill found the dress of her dreams at the last shop we went to. By that time, Mallory had joined us on the search. (She was at school earlier that day). So, Mallory was especially thrilled to be there to see THE dress. (I'm not posting shots of the winning dress today...I'll save those for the official bridal post).

But...without further ado....a day in the life of an upcoming bride on her quest for the perfect dress!


pat said...

Oh, how fun for you that you were invited along and were able to join in the fun--and document some of it! All those wonderful detail shots...yum. How nice, too, to see such a selection of modest wedding gowns!

Nicki said...

What a bummer they wouldn't all allow photos - but I guess it helps with the element of surprise for the groom. Wonderful shots - even more Wonderful Event.

Reds said...

Glad you were able to take some photos - and love the b&w shots!

Elizabeth said...

So happy you got to go along and dress shop with her and pretty proud of her for being able to make a decision the first day! Can't wait to see more as the day draws near.

Tracie said...

How wonderful for you and Mallory to be there!! Your shots are so beautiful, I love that you converted them to b&w.
Congratulations to Nate and April, what a great looking couple!