Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

It's a beautiful day here....perfect weather for Easter. I love Easter. Of course the egg decorating, oodles of chocolate and having the Easter Bunny stop by are great, but most of all I love Easter because it's the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

One of my favorite Easter stories -- (and I'm not sure it's a true story, but still has a nice message) is about a little boy named Philip, who had Down Syndrome. In Sunday School on Easter, Philip's teacher gave all the children a plastic egg and told them to go find and put in it something that reminded them of Easter. As all the children came back and shared what was in their eggs, there were leaves, bird eggs, flowers and grass. When it was Philip's turn, he proudly opened his egg -- it was empty. The other children made fun of him and told him he was wrong...he was supposed to put something in the egg that reminded him of Easter. He responded, "I didn't do it wrong...the tomb was empty!" Philip's simple, but profound proclamation had a great impact on the children in his class. Some time later, little Philip died and at his funeral, the children in his class marched up one by one and placed an empty egg on his casket.

The tomb was empty.

Although this life has moments of sadness and grief as we bid farewell to loved ones who pass to the other side, I am so grateful to know that one day, I will see my loved ones mom, my dad and others whom I love and miss so much.

He is risen. Happy Easter!

And here's a beautiful video about Easter.

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shirley said...

Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.