Sunday, April 12, 2009

In Keeping With our Easter Tradition

For many years...ever since Derek was a little a REALLY long time ago...(ha ha), it's been a tradition in the Evans family to go the the temple grounds on Easter and take some snapshots of the fam.

We've continued that tradition ever since we've been married. We used to go to the Mesa temple with Derek's family when we lived in Arizona. Since we've lived in Utah, we've either gone to the Salt Lake Temple or Bountiful Temple for the traditional Easter photos.

Today, it was a pretty small group...just Derek, me, Mallory and Alex. Parker is on his way home from a fun-filled spring break visit with his cousin Austin to my brother Lance's house in Atlanta. And of course, Nate is in Canada.

But no Easter would be complete without a few pictures at the temple! So here you go!

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jaw515 said...

what a fun tradition. I took the kids on a little drive around the temple Sunday after church but I had thrown the little ones in the car with no shoes, so we didn't get to get out. I didn't even know the temple grounds were open so I was a little bummed! Miss you and love you and so glad you were able to have a wonderful Easter even if it was a little quiet!