Wednesday, November 9, 2011

California Day 3 {Surfin' Safari}

Mallory and Alex took surf lessons two of the days we were in California -- Saturday and Tuesday. The first day, the tide was pretty high and there were some strong waves, so they didn't have much success in getting up on the boards.

The next lesson, however, they did much better. 

Mallory has wanted to learn to surf for quite some time, especially after seeing the movie Soul Surfer. Soul Surfer is the story of Bethany Hamilton, a world-class surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack. A movie detailing her inspiring life and her return to surfing came out last spring. I think Mallory has seen it at least a dozen times. Probably more. She dreams of being Bethany Hamilton. Well, minus the shark attack.

I'm pretty sure Mallory's dream would be to live in San Diego -- or Hawaii -- where she could live on the beach and surf every day. Now that she's had a taste of really surfing, I know she can't wait to go back.

It was so fun to watch Mallory and Alex surf. Especially thrilling was seeing the look of complete joy on Mallory's face when she stood up on the surfboard for the first time.

We had a fabulous surf instructor -- Surfer Dude Kevin. Well, that's the name I gave him..I think he really just goes by Kevin...but he was great. He worked so hard with my kids and was very positive and encouraging. We plan to look him up again next time we're in California for more surf lessons.

Here are some shots of Mallory and Alex's two days of surfing.



pat said...

Meg!! AWESOME captures of the kids surfing, especially Mallory. I bet she will want one of those in her room. Nice work!

Nicki said...

Wonderful pictures - and even better smiles on their faces. Looks fun, and I suspect you have a surfer girl on your hands for sure. (San Diego is a pretty nice place to boot!)

Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

I am sad she hurt her foot and can't dance right now. What a great experience. I LOVE her expression you captured.

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Reds said...

How fun fun fun!!! Love the happy face Mallory has when she is standing on her board!! Great pics!! Would love to try surfing!

Tracie said...

Margaret, I am really enjoying your CA pictures. Your kids have such adorable, expressive little faces :)

The Hiller Family said...

They are so brave! Don't they know there are sharks out there!! Yeek! Makes me nervous, but only because I'm a phobic!!! They look so thrilled to be doing that! Very cool!
Reminds me of my sister and how she was taught how to ski from a Hawaiian while they were in Idaho, but they compared it to surfing!!